Gordon Stewart


Villas to rent from Crete Direct
"Gordon has been involved in every aspect of the development of the site and online business. He provides a sub-editing service, does wonders with the pictures and general 'feel' and 'style' of the site."

Garden Offices from CreateSpace
Gordon’s talents are not just about web site design, but about really getting a fundamental understanding of our business process and then making sure it is easy for our customers to follow that process. A customer wrote saying: "Your web site breathes confidence and trust.”


Client Testimonials


Paul Cleaver Productions
"PCP's website has been complimented repeatedly by clients and competitors. The level of service and expertise from Gordon is fantastic. I'm proud of my site"

Pear Tree Farm Guest House
"Most of our guests come to us via the web and comment on how pleasant they find the experience, how clear the navigation and refreshing the style..."

Michael Ford's Surrealist Paintings
"Thank God you know how to do this sort of thing, dear boy!"


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